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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  August 6, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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i know when it's the perfect time to change my tires. when it comes to shaving i know when to change my blade. (announcer) gillette fusion's indicator strip fades to white when it may be time to change. fresh blade. better shave.
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. so, how does the iphone make traveling easier?
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well, if you'd like your own personal tour of paris, there's an app for that. or, you'd like to figure out the metro, there's an app for that.
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or you'd like to send a postcard home, there's an app for that too, because there's an app for just about anything. only on the iphone.
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garth, you're up. hold on, i'm at picking a photo... for my credit card. here's one from my prom. oh, what memories. how 'bout one from our golf outing? ( shouting ) i know, maybe one of my first-born son.
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even in the hardest times against the toughest odds, we have never surrendered. we don't give up. we don't surrender our fates to chance. we have always endured. we have worked hard and we have fought for our future. >> president of the united states out on the campaign trail
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in indiana and across america fighting not only to pass his health care plan but to inspire americans and tell them that good times are ahead. good morning. i'm joe scarborough and you're watching "morning joe." up in new york we have mike barnicle. and of course willie geist. that is smart journalism. >> can you see the girl hitting the roof -- >> yes, i did. i suspect tim lehreer will be talking about that on "news hour." >> he's threatened by me, i feel. >> there's no doubt about it. let me tell you something, you're like the park avenue of newscasting. you're in his neighborhood now. "way too early." here i come, alabama. pat buchanan is in washington, d.c. got a lot to talk to you about, pat, including john bolton's comments criticizing bill clinton for going over to north


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